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Led Zeppelin <3


Led Zeppelin <3

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Favourite OTPs with TVD lyrics (1.13)-

Datherine- Skinny Love- Birdy

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[ Sleepyhead ]


Sleepyhead - by Passion Pit. Taken from the EP Chunk of Change

On paper, this song shouldn’t work right? strong, abrasive synths, chipmunk like falsetto and a singer that belts out a voice most people would keep locked up in a shower.

But work it does, combining a strong, echoing beat and keening synths hellbent on the same descending triplet of chords and an insistent handclap as a foil to the drumbeat at the back of your head.

This song is brash and loud and its hook, all chipmunk and electric guitar wailing, only serves to bolster that sense of impending summer and isn’t that just lovely?

Passion Pit, perhaps better known by most people from their album ‘Manners’ got its start when it’s engineer Michael Angelakos wrote four songs as a belated valentines day gift to his girlfriend. This song taken from the original EP ‘Chunk of Change’.

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